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Curriculum Mortis - Sentencia De Muerte LP

Image of Curriculum Mortis - Sentencia De Muerte LP


Previously only known to the most die hard of underground tape traders, Curriculum Mortis' debut 1988 demo, Sentencia de Muerte, is a raw and ferocious mix of hardcore and thrash metal that South American bands mastered in the late 1980s. Seven songs over the course of 30 minutes, for the first time ever on vinyl. Limited to 500 copies.

Life in Peru during the mid-1980’s was a cauldron of simmering tensions threatening to push society over the edge. A Maoist inspired insurgent group promised to level the country into a killing field, Khmer Rouge style. The state’s security apparatus responded in kind, through a scorched earth policy, a catch-22 scenario of killing the patient to cure the disease. Teenagers growing up in the capital of Lima had few outlets to channel the overwhelming dread of those times.

The worldwide Trash Metal explosion coupled with the more extreme HC/Punk sounds provided a source of inspiration; a way to exorcise the doom & destruction via the creation of their own apocalyptic noise. This wasn’t easy, in a country with limited resources: A lack of equipment, indifferent studio engineers, frequent power outages, antagonistic adults/peers & the all-too real possibility of
being “mistakenly” shot by the army or the police.

It is to Curriculum Mortis credit that in spite of all these obstacles, they succeeded in creating such a vital musical document. The title of the demo, Sentencia De Muerte, takes on a morbid literal meaning. End times were here; society would either be destroyed or irrevocably altered during the year of zero. The pummeling rhythm section, howling guitar riff & the agonizing vocals reflect dark days. Listen closely & you’ll hear the executioner’s song heralding the end of this life/death sentence. --Freddy Alva, 2012